How Investing in Women's Health Enhances Economic Development
15 July 2014Article
By Lanre Olagunju In his speech during the 2013 International Women's Day celebration, Barack Obama said "...when women succeed, nations are safer, more secure, and more prosperous." He explained that empowering women is not just the right thing to... MORE
African Nutrition Meeting Ends in Nairobi
Pan-African News Wire
30 May 2014Article
The Sixth African Task Force meeting on Food and Nutrition Development (ATFFND) has been held in Nairobi, Kenya. On behalf of the African Union Commission, Dr Mabvuto Kango, the Ag. Head of Health, Nutrition and Population, called on stakeholders to... MORE
Op-ED: Why Ending Child Marriage in Africa Can No Longer Wait
30 May 2014Article
Just 17 years old, Clarisse is already a mother of two, who lives with her husband and his four other wives in rural southern Chad. Three years earlier, she had watched her mom and sisters preparing food for a party one day. At first she celebrated... MORE
A Call fpr Accountability Mechanisms in the Health Sector
Prof. Onyebuchi Chukwu-Nigeria Minister of Health and Chair of the Bureau of African Health Minsiters
30 April 2014Article
African Ministers of Health have agreed on the establishment of an accountability mechanism to assess the implementation of declarations and other commitments made by African Ministers of Health. The ministers strongly welcomed the proposal to as it... MORE
African Health Ministers Commit to Ending Preventable Maternal and Child Deaths in Africa
Photo courtesy of MamaYe!
30 April 2014Article
African Health Ministers have reaffirmed their commitments to end preventable maternal, newborn and child deaths on the Continent during their ministerial conference in Luanda, Angola. They recognized the strides African countries are making to... MORE
African Medicines Agency: Setting Milestones Towards its Establishment
30 April 2014Article
African Health Ministers have endorsed a proposal to establish the ‘African Medicines Agency’ during the meeting of African Health Ministers in Luanda. Ministers reiterated the importance of establishing the African Medicines Agency and its role in... MORE
Universal Health Coverage in Africa: From Concept to Action
The Lancet
30 April 2014Article
In order to respond to the health needs of the people in Africa, Health Ministers have underscored the need for countries to learn from the several experiences on the continent that could inform and accelerate the move towards Universal Health... MORE
Evaluating the Essence of the ICPD and its Relevance Beyond 2014
14 March 2014Article
By Kenneth Oliko In September 1994, The United Nations coordinated an International Conference on Population and Development, which was held in Cairo, Egypt. The event, which had about 20,000 delegates from several government agencies, NGOs and UN... MORE
The Fight for Maternal and Child Health in Sub-Saharan Africa ~ His Excellency Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete, President of the United Republic of Tanzania.
His Excellency Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete
20 February 2014Article
The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) on maternal and child health are lagging far behind target. Although Africa has just 12% of the global population, it accounts for half of all maternal deaths and half the deaths of children under five. In... MORE
The Socio-economic Impact of Child Malnutrition in Africa
Students in Wajir, line up to receive food provided by the World Food Programme in Kenya
20 February 2014Article
The Socio-economic Impact of Child Malnutrition in Africa For Africa to benefit from the demographic dividend requires that the increase in the working-age population be complemented by quality human growth. The ‘Cost of Hunger in Africa’ (COHA)... MORE