HIV in Pregnancy and During Breastfeeding
30 June 2016Article
A pregnant woman who is HIV-positive can pass the virus onto her baby during pregnancy, during childbirth or through breastfeeding. This mother-to-child transmission, also referred to as perinatal transmission, is the most common route of HIV... MORE
Mortality Rate Still At 576 Deaths Per 1,000 Pregnant Women in Nigeria
photo credit: Guardian, Nigeria
28 June 2016Article
Abuja-Reproductive health experts and advocacy groups have said Nigeria's maternal mortality rate was still at 576 deaths per 1,000 pregnant women. They also raised concerns that most state governments in the country do not have funds budgeted to... MORE
8 African Countries Make Progress Toward Stronger Social Service Workforces
photo credit: IFAD-UN
28 June 2016Article
Eight countries across sub-Saharan Africa have significantly strengthened their social service workforces in the past five years, according to a report released today by the Global Social Service Workforce Alliance. Social service workers create... MORE
First Lady of Kenya launches “Help a Child Reach 5” Campaign
 First Lady of Kenya  Mrs. Margaret Kenyatta
28 June 2016Article
First Lady Margaret Kenyatta has launched the Help a Child Reach 5 campaign which seeks to promote hygiene for mothers, children and new-borns. The campaign  is funded by Unilever Company in conjunction with the United Nations Fund for Population... MORE
Tanzania: Addressing Causes of Maternal Mortality By Focusing On Rights
Nurses assist expectant mothers in the maternity ward. Experts warn showing indiference to mothers may have bad consequences...Credit Daily News
27 June 2016Article
Women still die each year from preventable causes during pregnancy and childbirth, according to a Public Health Specialist, Dr William Mwengee. He claims, however, that experience has proved that these tragic and preventable deaths are the... MORE
Midwives Deployed in Uganda to Prevent ‘Social Calamity’
photo credit-unfpa
15 June 2016Article
KARAMOJA, Uganda – A funeral changed Carolyn Akello’s life forever. “A young woman had died while giving birth at home,” she explained. “’If this mother had delivered in the presence of a midwife, she wouldn’t have died because the cause was... MORE
'Dramatic Reductions' in HIV Infections Among Children in Africa
14 June 2016Article
New York/Geneva — Concerted global efforts have led to a 60% drop in new infections among children, which has averted 1.2 million new HIV infections among children in 21 priority countries since 2009. UNAIDS and the United States President's... MORE
Ending Malaria in Africa
Photo: Olivier Asselin/Unicef
14 June 2016Article
Arusha — "We are looking at 2040 as the most probable date for a malaria-free Africa," says former Tanzania President Jakay Kikwete Jakaya Kikwete, the former president of Tanzania, recalled arriving at his cousin's house to find the family arguing... MORE
Giving Birth in South Sudan: A Matter of Life and Death
A midwifery student treats an infant after delivery at Juba Teaching Hospital in South Sudan, May 31. South Sudan has one of the worst maternal mortality rates in the world and its midwives are struggling to cope with demand. REAL MEDICINE FOUNDATION
07 June 2016Article
There is no shortage of problems in South Sudan, the world’s youngest country, which has been blighted by civil war and food shortages in its short but turbulent five-year history. But one issue that can remain invisible to anyone outside the walls... MORE
03 June 2016Article
The 8th session of the African Union (AU) Task Force on Food and Nutrition Development (ATFFND) Meeting has taken place at the   Commission’s Headquarters in Addis Ababa.  The meeting was partly meant to review progress made in scaling up nutrition... MORE