26 May 2015Article
Globally, African countries constitute 20 of the 25 countries with the highest adolescent fertility rates. In many African countries, adolescents make up to one-third of the population. These young people face a range of health and social challenges... MORE
26 May 2015Article
Although USAID’s Interagency Gender Working Group has pointed out that Maternal Newborn and Child Health (MNCH) is an area where men can play an important role, many countries have yet to explore men’s potential to support the health of women and... MORE
26 May 2015Article
Basic information In South Sudan, like in most African countries, there is a large gap in skilled human resource workforce particularly midwives and their capacity to deliver effective and efficient health care. The recently conducted South Sudan... MORE
Africa Regional Nutrition Strategy Receives Big Boost from Ministers
29 April 2015Article
Following recommendations from the nutrition experts from across Africa, Ministers of health, population and drug control, have unanimously endorsed the revised African Regional Nutrition Strategy (ARNS). The revised strategy is aimed mobilizing the... MORE
Call for proposals for consultancy services to review the African Health Strategy
28 April 2015Article
Africa has made significant strides in socio-economic development but has the potential to achieve even more if it can overcome the large burden of disease which continues to be a barrier to Africa’s development trajectory. This ever increasing... MORE
Men’s input has seen maternal health improve in Narok County, Kenya
Jackson Lekutit (right) admires his newborn son as his wife Jane and other children look on Ongata Nado in Narok. PHOTO | VERAH OKEYO
28 April 2015Article
When Agnes Jabit of Olopirik village in Narok suffered obstructed labour in 1982, the traditional midwives who had come to help her kept her at home for three days, scolding her to “stop being lazy and just give birth”. As a result, she developed... MORE
Why expectant women shun hospitals
One in five women suffers severe physical and verbal abuse during labour and delivery at public hospitals, a new study says. PHOTO | FILE
27 April 2015Article
One in five women suffers severe physical and verbal abuse during labour and delivery at public hospitals, a new study says. The study, funded by the United States Agency for International Development, says the government’s pledge to provide free... MORE
AU Endorses Maputo Plan of Action Review
24 April 2015Article
At their recently concluded ministerial meeting in Addis Ababa, African Ministers of Health, Population and Drug Control have applauded the AU Commission for conducting a comprehensive review of the Maputo Plan of Action (MPoA). The review report... MORE
Addressing Nutritional Needs for Child Development
01 April 2015Article
Malnutrition in its different forms is the biggest cause of under-5 mortality in Africa, it accounts for almost half of all child deaths. Around the world a total of 162 million children under five years are stunted and approximately 52 million... MORE
Maternal Death Rates Fall in Zimbabwe by 36 Percent
12 February 2015Article
Zimbabwe, which has one of the highest rates of maternal deaths globally, has achieved big gains in reducing maternal mortality with the support from the United Nations and other international partners.  As maternal mortality remains the most... MORE